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Become a Smart City

Our Partners enable you

We have an emerging opportunity for Collaborative Communities to evolve into Smart cities by leveraging Civic Innovation

Supporting sustainable innovation with & across:

  • Communities

  • Startups

  • Government services/departments


Thru Engagement, Collaborate and Smart Technology

Our Partners to helps Cities innovate:


  • Create an on-going conversation with all stakeholders to understand needs, wants & the gaps between, to enable measurable collaboration, innovations & results


  • Enable participants to share their know how. Easily facilitate mentoring programs across SmartCity initiatives & communities

4 ways City Possibilities can help your city move from “Think to Know”

  1. Getting to know how and what different stakeholders value across your municipality’s services, compared to performance ratings. Allowing you to act on gaps and opportunities

  2. Identify interest, readiness and potential for Innovation across your communities with high citizen engagement

  3. Asses the value and potential adoption of change or new innovative services, products, technology. Facilitating the 3 step process from Proof of interest to Educate about value to Proof of value and use.

  4. Assess your organization by department, service line, seniority, gender, etc. identifying gaps in engagement level and opportunities for improvement


Phase 1 Toronto homelessness project:

The MentorCity platform enables a city to create a collaborative sharing & innovative environment to facilitate experts & experienced stakeholders to pass on know-how and encourage other participants to get engaged, build confidence to make things happen.


This collaborative platform can be utilized to build your Smart Cities Challenge submissions, as well as, when the initiative/s are being developed and deployed. It can be used as a vehicle to share best practices and innovative ideas across all participates - to strengthen cities by opening their minds to new ideas to deliver on the goals of your Smart City Initiative/s .   

Our Partners above will help move your City from ”Think to Know”, so that you can move forward as a “Smart City”.

Connect4 Growth looks forward to discussing in more detail and showing you via web demo, how these 2 proven technologies will help you become a "Smart City".

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