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SERVICES to help you grow

Connect4 Growth works with small & mid-sized companies up to $50 million in revenue

We help you:

  • Save time by quickly finding only those experts/vendors that matched to your needs

  • Save money by shortening your vendor selection process and negotiating better service contracts

  • Reduce risk by choosing the most appropriate proven experts

  • Support organizational growth by efficiently acquiring the outsourced services you need, when you need them​ 

Connect4 Growth's Advisory team facilitates and provides much of the above services, but it is the strength of our wide network of experts/partners that allows us to deliver highest level of expertise when you need it.

We are very good at knowing when it is time to recommend and bring in subject experts that are proven players in their field (i.e. securities law, tax and SHRED).



Connect4 Growth's Partner Types​


We specialize in sourcing and helping you select vendors of all sizes - from the largest global players to the smallest independent specialists - whose services are focused on improving human and organizational effectiveness:


To Exit/Sell a Company

  • Develop an exit plan, strategy to maximize payout & other objectives

  • Develop & execute the go-to-market-strategy & due dilligence to sell a company

  • Wealth management and tax planning advisory services

  • Establish current market value of a company - Valuation services

  • Provide access to a database of recently sold mid-sized companies by industry

  • Provide access to a database of aggregate company data by industry and size with KPIs.

  • Connect with specialist for expert advice - consultants, lawyers, accountants, financial analysts

Move from Think to Know to Grow your Company

  • Assess brand strength/value and develop strategy to build on it

  • Evaluate & develop business strategies, forcasts and targets

  • Develop & execute the go-to-market-strategy & due dilligence to raise capital or finances

  • Introduce, engage and facilitate Innovation & Performance into a company

  • Develop Talent Management & Leadership

  • Coach your management on improvements to HR, IT, marketing and sales - Processes & Systems

  • Assess your organization's customer and employee engagement levels. What is really important to your customers?

  • Connect with specialist for expert advice - consultants, lawyers, accountants, coaches, trainers, Project Management

  • Connect with interim President, CFO, VP Sales & HR and many mentors

  • Software evaluation & recommendations

  • Connect with HR & IT outsourced services

  • Present best-in-class techology solutions in CRM, Document Management, Security, Hosting, Digital Media, HRIS, LMS, KMS, Database Management

  • Warranty & telecom expense assessment and cost saving alternate solutions

  • Insurance, group benefits & pension assessment and provide alternate solutions

  • Corporate banking, borrowing and exchange service options

  • SHRED consulting

  • Develop & deploy corporate communications and marketing & sales campaigns.

  • Project Management resources, training & consulting

How do we deliver these solutions?


Search Services

Our comprehensive Search Services scour the market for vendors that match your requirements. We do all the legwork and deliver a short-list of suitable candidates that are handpicked and assessed to be jsut right for you.

Vendor Relationship Management Software

Our Cloud-based software helps you better manage your vendor knowledge. Use it to record, organize and share vendor experiences over the life of your vendor relationship - and get better results.

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