Mentoring Platform


Enable & facilitate your Mentoring program with higher levels of Engagement, Sharing, Learning & building thru valued relationships

Mentoring Software platform works well for:

  • companies

  • colleges - universities - schools

  • associations & institutes

  • government departments/agencies

  • community & charity groups

  • innovation & research communities

Options for you and/or community:

  • Use the MentorCity Mentoring Software platform to facilitate, enable and establish best-fit relationships to ensure Learning goals are met over time between mentor and mentee.

  • This Platform can work within, across and between groups. We can establish special interest groups, peer groups along gender or other criteria. 

MentorCity makes it easier for a Community to:

  • raises engagement levels and its value

  • enable knowledge & know-how sharing, peer-to-peer collaboration

  • Connect mentees (proteges) to mentors for traditional, express, reverse, and group mentoring relationships.

  • Guide mentoring relationships through the mentoring & Peer Group process.

  • Track successes.

The MentorCity platform is a self-directed and comprehensive platform that saves organizations time by minimizing their mentor matching responsibilities and allowing program administrator(s) to focus their efforts on creating a mentoring culture and ensuring that program objectives are achieved.

“Very user-friendly for the thousands of participants we have on it, and the customer service is impeccable.”

Leanna Sun, Territory Marketing Specialist, Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA)

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