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Redwood Performance is a elearning design and development firm based in Toronto with a 20+ year award winning record for delivering interactive custom digital learning, by developing courses, sharing, knowledge and facilitating courses to earn certifications. 


This is enabled by a powerful and user friendly LMS - Learning Management Solution (link) that is used by Associations, government departments and SME (companies) to deliver value to members, staff, clients, partners and other stakeholders.

Deploy Large and small initiatives for you

Redwood has worked with hundreds of clients, including Loblaws around food safety and they redesigned the SmartServe certification course in Ontario for all people selling alcohol.

Connect4 Growth would like to have a conversation about how you can engage Redwood to develop valued interactive courses and communications with your members and/or staff.

Currently with the back-to the workplace initiatives and protocols being developed, Redwood can help you quickly and cost effectively deploy education and important messages out to employees and customers though all digital vehicles.

Please discuss the above solution with one of our Connect4 Growth Advisors. Use any mode of  communication listed below.

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