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Join us, our clients and partners
in Solving several current problems
See below several
game changing Innovative Solutions for
Safe Places
Risk Mitigation

Connect4 Growth is working with several tech startups and established businesses to develop, trial/pilot and commercialize solutions for several ecosystems from smart buildings, home care, and safe spaces like schools, restaurants, offices, etc.

These solutions will help:

  • Home care - to enable people to age in place to maintain well-being by monitoring Seniors movement and fall detection around home

  • Multi-Vital sign device for home care

  • Workplace violence mitigation

  • Concussion & stroke rehab technology

  • Improving engagement & performance  levels with patients, caregivers, practitioners & administration

  • Several IoT Physical Distancing solutions to help employees and customers to comply with Social distancing protocols to enable people to come back on premises sooner and more safely to a city, organizations, businesses, healthcare facilities, offices, lobbies, waiting rooms, restaurants, public spaces, fitness centers, parks, etc.

  • IoT solution for Water damage mitigation for multi-unit buildings.

  • Safe Space Solutions for restaurants, schools, offices and public buildings. Customers and staff know if they should enter a restroom, a lunchroom, etc. See how in YouTube video GlobalNews clip Oct 06/20 

Please discuss getting involved with any of the solutions above with one of our Connect4 Growth Advisors. Use any mode of  communication listed below.

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