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Helping Leaders to grow their company

Connect4 Growth is a team of experience fractional sales, marketing and business development professionals that can be added quickly to your management team.

The key is that you will be able to leverage off these successful Canadian and US professionals for a fraction of their full value. to help build your sales and sales team.

How we help your company - message from our CEO

Benefits of working with us

By working with your company our players will help you get your sales & marketing efforts, messaging and processes aligned to enable your company to grow. Once this is on track, they all love getting in the trenches and working with your team to grow sales.

Connect4 Growth has experienced fractional players and executives to add to your team with great strategic partners, platforms and tools that can provide you with timely solutions to problems that your company maybe facing, especially around generating more sales.

Do you think that your company's sales, marketing, business development efforts and messaging are aligned and producing the results you expect?

Another question for you is, do you think you have the right mix of tools and players on your team to really succeed and grow?


Also have your investments paid off as expected for:

  • New tools, methods and tech to raise performance

  • New innovative products and services

  • Campaigns, tradeshows and events

  • New hires on your sales and marketing teams

We recommend that we first have a conversation about the opportunities and challenges that you company faces against your priorities. From there, we have several ways to assess your situation, then develop actionable strategies to drive sales and ultimately growth.

Please listen to the video by our CEO (above) to understand how we work, think and can help.

Set up a good conversation

Choose a time that fits your schedule

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