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Elevate Canada - Innovation
Join the LinkedIn discussion Group:

This pandemic has accelerated the need to reshape the Canadian Economy and to really leverage of the studies and recommendations already well documented to make the necessary changes.

Yes this  involves real innovation and action, not just ideas.

Please  get involved, to raise Canada's Innovation to Commercialization performance:

  1. Join the Linkedin Group Forum  - Elevate Canada - Connect4 Innovation to Scaleup or Twitter: @ca_innovates. This will be an ongoing conversation/forum to raise our performance, to mean, create and grow more successful Canadian companies! and change the trajectory of the Canadian economy

  2. Complete questionnaire: The challenges to Canadian Business Founders to Innovate & Scale/Grow (2 x 10 minute segments). Do part 1 now, then come back later for Part 2You will receive a dashboard to see, how your answers compare to other Innovators

Twitter: @CA_innovates

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