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Who we are

We are not a traditional large consulting firm, as we focus on helping our clients to grow by investing time and money in solutions and experts that can really deliver ROI and growth to your company.

Clients & Partners


Our Story

Connect4 Growth has evolved over 20 years from helping Fortune 500 companies to now specializing in helping small and mid-sized businesses to strategically plan, raise revenues, improve processes, grow their business.


In 1992 when our president went searching for a supplier who could train his sales staff. What he found instead was a confusing sea of vendors and no good way to compare them, evaluate them or manage them. In response, he launched The Training Broker and later Connect4 Training..

Connect4Growth was launched in recognition of the rapid growth in the outsourcing of services. With a client base of Fortune 500 companies, and hundreds of vendors, the company expanded to help all other functional areas within an organization (ie. HR, IT, marketing, sales, cyber security).

Connect4Growth's expanded service to help the corporate world realize on the promised benefits of outsourcing and partnering with industry & subject mater experts. The Company has helped all sizes of organizations to source, select and deploy best fit vendor solutions.

In 2004, by recognizing the need for a system to help companies to more easily keep track of potential and current vendors & partners, to source, select and manage relationships, the company launched SaaS based  Vendor Relationship Manager Solution - The VRM4 Series.

Good Vendor Relationship Management (VRM) processes and systems assists both the buying and selling community to collaborate and provide better service to their clients by helping them to be more responsive and deliver more value to customers.


From 20 years of experience, Connect4 Growth has helped most industries, in almost all areas of business improvement including sales, technology, security, customer and employee engagement,

Key People 
Tom Hawkett - Chief Connection Advisor
Toronto, Canada
Our Values


We embrace 4 key values.


  • Responsiveness
    We are quick to respond to all client requirements. You will always hear from us within 12 hours of sending a request. We support your need for speed.                                                                                   

  • Knowledge
    Knowledge forms the heart of any organization, but it must be well managed and shared to be of any use. Realizing this, we offer products and services geared to helping clients and vendors effectively create, store, access, use and share relevant information.

  • Resourcefulness
    Our vendor database contains 3,000 profiles and continues to grow. Even so, we are never content to limit our searches. We use all the resources and information at our disposal to conduct the widest possible search, and deliver the best results.

  • Objectivity
    We guarantee our clients an objective evaluation of their needs and a search that selects vendors based strictly on best fit. If you have a business issue and you think an outsourced solution or resource might be able to help…contact us…We are good at brainstorming strategically to consider all your options.


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