Elevate Innovation

to ScaleUp your biz


As a Founder of a SME and Startup businesses in Canada


Canadians want to be known as innovators with a track record for scale/grow companies


We are asking Canadian business founders/leaders to participate in this Forum/study to start a real conversation around what you want/need to improve/change, so that your company can really innovate & scale & grow globally.

With the findings and recommendations from this forum, we will be telling  the many stakeholders across Canada (universities, governments, investors, etc.), what we need and how we can raise Canadian business performance together! 

How to get involved:

  1. Complete questionnaire: The challenges to Canadian Business Founders to Innovate & Scale/Grow (2 x 10 minute segments). Do part 1 now, then come back later for Part 2

  2. You will receive a dashboard to see, how your answers compare to other founders

  3. Join the Linkedin Group  - Elevate Canada - Connect4 Innovation to Scaleup, before, during & after the Elevate Festival & Investor Summit in Toronto.

  4. This will be an ongoing conversation/forum to raise our performance, to mean, create and grow more successful Canadian companies! 

Learn from others:

  • Learn from others in the Connect4 Growth community. Click to Participate in the Connect4 Growth Mentoring group. You can learn from others that have done it or are in a similar situation as yourself.

  • Learn what type of innovator you are and what is your problem solving style, by taking the The Basadur Innovation Profile Inventory(15 minutes). It measures your unique blend of preferences for the four stages of the innovation process: generating, conceptualizing, optimizing, implementing.   Click to understand your style  Upon reaching the invitation page, click continue. You will then be asked to log in or create your own personal username and password and fill out the rest of the personal information where required.

  • Ask us about assessing team's alignment and synergy around supporting strategic Innovation.



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