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Research shows that innovation is driven by collaboration, by fostering more productive and sustainable collaboration. Research also show that Teams needs diverse styles across a team.

What's your innovation style? Find out at: basadurprofile.com/

As you move through the Simplexity platform and methodology, you will be enabled with a proven process for you and your team to become a creative problem solving and innovation powerhouse.

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+ Process (Skills & Tools & Templates)

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The Basadur System of innovation and creative problem solving was developed after 20+ years of extensive academic research and experience in the field. It’s made up of a core problem solving process which puts people at its core throughout its deployment. Its used by many companies like Procter & Gamble and Microsoft and Universities like INSEAD , Ball State and Humber College

This "How to" learning platform is universal and sector- industry agnostic, meaning, whatever your organization does, its size or stage, it can help you innovate.

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Learn from others:

  • Learn what type of innovator you are and what is your problem solving style, by taking the The Basadur Innovation Profile Inventory (15 minutes). It measures your unique blend of preferences for the four stages of the innovation process: generating, conceptualizing, optimizing, implementing.

  • Ask us about assessing team's alignment and synergy around supporting strategic Innovation.

  • You can learn at your site or at public courses offered globally, as well as, via Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) online.

How to get involved, to raise Canada's Innovation to Commercialization performance:

  1. Complete questionnaire: The challenges to Canadian Business Founders to Innovate & Scale/Grow (2 x 10 minute segments). Do part 1 now, then come back later for Part 2

  2. You will receive a dashboard to see, how your answers compare to other Innovators

  3. Join the Linkedin Group  - Elevate Canada - Connect4 Innovation to Scaleup or Twitter: @ca_innovates

  4. This will be an ongoing conversation/forum to raise our performance, to mean, create and grow more successful Canadian companies!


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