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Raise your Team's performance to Problem Solve and Innovate

  • Find real problems
  • Define and evaluate problems & ideas
  • Plan & Make decisions faster
  • Achieve actionable solutions
The InQ (Innovation Quotient) survey assesses the quality of your team’s problem-solving and innovation. It measures attitudes, skills and behaviors.
Each person gives other team members a score depending on how frequently certain attitudes and behaviors crop up.
The results show you how your team rates. The five levels are innovation novice, innovation beginner, innovation proficient, innovation expert and innovation master.
Scatter Diagram by
Team or Company
Scatters A.png
Above: Scatter diagrams for 4 different teams

What does the InQ survey tell you?

By measuring a team’s creative and critical thinking ability, and its aptitude for keeping an open mind, the InQ survey tells you where improvements can be made. Along with your InQ score, we’ll let you know which of our training products and services you can use to address your team’s specific strengths and weaknesses.

Many different attitudes, skills and behaviors drive successful innovation,  and many of us aren’t aware that these things are learnable. Team leaders can therefore use the InQ survey to focus attention on what’s required to build missing innovation skills. 

How does the InQ survey relate to the Basadur Profile?

The InQ survey also provides information relating to the four Basadur Profile styles – generation, conceptualization, optimization and implementation.

While The Profile measures individual innovation styles and a team scatter diagram indicates how a team is weighted when it comes to the skills required for each stage of the process, the InQ survey assesses how well a team actually practices those skills.

If for example your team is loaded towards Optimizers and Implementers, you’re made aware that you need to spend more time working at the Generator and Conceptualizer stages. If your team is made up of mostly Generators, you’ll know that you need to pay equal attention to the other three stages, and work collectively through each one.

By providing you with a tool to track improvements over time, the InQ survey improves your team’s ability to innovate better together.

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