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Partners Program

Welcoming potential Partners of Connect4 Growth

Connect4 Growth has partnered with Pitch.Link to enable B2B buyers to learn about your offerings more easily, which is also in line with Connect4 Growth’s goals of helping B2B vendors to engage better with potential clients and ultimately sell more.


Challenges/Problems that our joint platform will help you solve as a B2B Vendors: 

  • Getting your message out cost effectively to prospective and suspect buyers

  • Buyers know about you and remember you, when they need your offerings.

  • Tough to educate prospective buyers about the value and the problems that you can solve and how.

  • Reaching enough potential buyers to educate them, that you can help them.

  • A ridiculously low conversion rate from marketing to sales engagement (5% is today's normal). It's like fishing with no bait or weak sonar. 

  • Having useful discovery conversations with decision makers is not happening enough, to share your 3rd party insights, and learn about their real problems/challenges and what they really need/want. 

  • Leads are tough to uncover, not enough leads are converting into sales discussions, and not enough are converting to closed sales. Everyone needs more sales.

  • It's tough to get consistent messages to all of the buyer’s team with more people involved in buying decisions. 

  • With greater economic pressures, it is far more likely for C-suite executives to be involved in buying discussions today, with less time and patience for “product pitches”.

  • There is no fly wheel of new sales being generated (we often rely on luck and hope)

Helping Partners help their Clients

Connect4 Growth is all about working with partners by:

  1. Helping our partners, help their clients, by providing them with tools and platforms from our Toolbox of Partners' Solutions, proven processes and pool of experts and proven vendors.

  2. Finding new B2B opportunities for our Partners from C4G Partner Network with a revenue sharing model.


Our Connection Advisors would love to discuss and explore potential challenges, problems and opportunities that you and/or your client is looking for help with.

During initial exploratory conversations, we don't need to know who your client is. 

* They are your client and we are in business to help you, help your clients.

We are confident that with our +20 year track record and extensive network, we can connect you to best-fit solutions for your requirements

To become a Partner, please connect with our advisors to discuss potentially how Connect4 Growth can work with you, your firm and/or your clients.


How to be part of The Network

This video explains why & how you can become part of the Connect4 Growth (C4G) network, to  learn about the Platform, the sales and marketing tools and how the network can work in several ways for your company. C4G network members will receive special pricing for G4G services.

Learn How Vendors can Partner
Using Mobile Phones

Our mission is to help you Open 20% more Sales Conversations while reducing time spent by 50%

Utilize the Pitch.Link Platform

Click on this link for you to register for a 45 day FREE trial experience of Pitch.Link, (email only) where you will be able to try it out by creating and sending quality, standardized sales pitches to more effectively educate suspects and prospects across buying teams.

How Pitch.Link helps & works

Let’s Work Together

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