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Become a Smart City

The Discovery Bundle

We are excited to present to you, this timely joint offering from two of our great partners

What is included?

From Future Strategies - CityPossiblities:

  • Collaborate with the team to build a personalized and collaborative innovation model for their region using our possibilities analytics.

  • Deploy initial consultations with citizens and up to 3 follow up consultations for greater citizen engagement.

  • Unlimited number of citizen participants

  • Coaching on social media approaches to optimize citizen participation.

  • Coaching through the data interpretation and follow up strategies.

  • Coaching to leverage the data in the contest submission

  • On-line real time dashboard and reporting

From MentorCity:

  • Subscription to on board up to 150 Mentors/Mentees/Particpants/Advisors

  • Facilitates connecting & collaboration with peers and mentors to share know how, experience & ideas

  • Simple process with on-line support and learning aids

  • Telephone support/help line

  • Admin dashboard and usage reports 

Subscription Fee $10K
3 month starter  subscription

With the Get Started Discovery Bundle, both of our Partners above will help move your City from ”Think to Know”, so that you can move forward as a “Smart City” and make innovations that work for your city.

Connect4 Growth looks forward to discussing in more detail and showing you via web demo, how these 2 proven technologies will help you become a "Smart City".

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