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Network & data security services for SMEs

Companies and senior management, need their IT team to be proactive (be on offense) to facilitate the grow of the company. Our IT partner, provides the less glamorous side of IT. They play defense for you, to keep the doors locked and the bad guys out, keeping you up and running.


Our IT partner, DiscoverIT Risks, a division of DiscoverNet helps keep an organization’s IP, customer information and all other data safe from the ever-growing cyber threats, that we face in today's digital world.

Their team with 20+ years of experience is well positioned, to keep our eyes on the security market and help your company stay ahead of the curve on new threats.


DiscoverIT Risks, is an expert IT security service that can audit, monitor, detect threats, advise and deploy solutions. It is their goal to be considered a strategic partners for your management team, as well, as your internal and external IT resources to help supply businesses with the intelligence required to make informed decisions and the products and services that provide insight and enforcement.

Audits, Assessments and Incident Response


The team at DiscoverIT Risks has spent over 20 years providing audits and assessments for organizations of all sizes. Their experienced engineers can assist in pointing out design flaws and vulnerabilities in your network and systems, while leveraging and redesigning your current infrastructure to ensure a sound security landscape.

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