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Mentoring & Advisory Network

GTA Accounts Network has partnered with Connect4 Growth to bring you the GTA Accounts' Mentoring & Advisory Network to help our members learn from more experienced members. This online platform will make it easy for you to connect and achieve your goals.


We would like to encouraged Experienced Accountants & Subject experts to share their knowledge as Mentors across our network.


We 1st are looking to build a roster of MENTORS, so that, when we launch the GTA Accounts' Mentoring & Advisory Network, Mentees will be able to find Mentors that they can connect, meet with and learn from them.


Create your Profile as a Mentor or Mentee at:

GTA Accounts Mentoring & Advisory Network


To create your profile, it takea as little as 10 minutes with the import your Linkedin profile feature.

No fees to be a Mentor

Mentees will pay $17.50 monthly subscription

(no fee until Feb 15th)


You will be asked, questions like:

  • when you typically can be available

  • preferred mode of communications (ie. Phone only, text, live meetings, at dinner meetings, etc. )

  • your expertise

As a Mentor - You control the relationship

Let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to your participation with GTA Accountants Network on MentorCity!

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