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Getting involved

Register/Join in

Below are several ways to get involved, to join the ongoing discussion around helping buyers to buy more easily, while enabling companies to sell more effectively


Lit Fest 2023
Thought Leadership & Best Practices webinar for Sales & Marketing Leaders

This not your regular Sales and Marketing event

This is a 2 day webinar event with interviews with 22 top experts and authors on the subject of improving sale, business  development and marketing efforts, methods and processes.

  • Runs Thurs June 29th (8:00am-2:00pm) and Friday June 30th (8:00am - 2:00pm)

  • Logon anytime (will receive a schedule for all authors)

  • sessions will be recorded.

Join an ongoing conversation online about engaging better with b2b buyers to increase your revenue & grow.

When you register, you will receive and e-mail with a link to answer the questions on The MindSuite platform.


It will ask you, as a leader of your company's Sales & Marketing team/s to rate your priorities against how you feel these team/s are are performing.


Upon completion, you will receive access to comparable results across similar companies.  The data is displayed anonymously and in aggregate.

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