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DiscoverIT Risks current service offerings:

  • Network Audit/Security Architecture Review will assist your organization in grasping the current state of your security posture. Recommendations are provided to assist in improving your security goals.

  • Vulnerability Assessments are a necessary step in any security program. Systems must be assessed from an external and internal perspective on an on-going basis to ensure that only the necessary services are being permitted and that appropriate steps are being taken to confirm that these services are not vulnerable to exploits.

  • Help to communicate and translate risks and threats into business terms so that senior management and owners will full understand .

  • Penetration Tests take a vulnerability assessment to the next level. With granted permission, a penetration test will go beyond traditional vulnerability testing to confirm exploitation.

  • Incident Response is necessary in any organization. Our team can be your first call when an incident occurs.


Why run an IT Security Audit? - Tom Hawkett & Shawn Heulin
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Threat Mitigation

Their Security team combines knowledge of the latest security threats, business acumen, current technology and services plus an understanding of your environment to secure not only your critical data, but the reputation of your organization as well. They focus on increasing your efficiency and long-term security while reducing your cost and time investments.

  • Traditional/Next-Generation Firewalls

  • Malware Prevention

  • Intrusion Prevention

  • Encryption

  • Wireless

  • Web Application Firewalls

  • Content Filtering

  • Network Access Control

  • Configuration Management


  • Anti-Spam

  • Vulnerability Management

  • Application Acceleration

  • Anti-Virus

  • Network TAPs

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