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Helping Associations, Institutes, Incubators, NFPs and Networks to deliver sustainable value to its Members

Video (15 minute) How can your association utilize a mentoring program to raise engagement, value and establish new ongoing revenue generation opportunities?

4 Platforms Solutions that can help your association
These are 4 timely proven online Platforms with Tools that will enable your members to stay  engaged more effectively with  your association

Learn what your Members want and value vs  performance metrix by stakeholder group thru dynamic ongoing surveys. This starts a conversation based on facts. Now problem solving is based on knowing and

"What is Possible?"

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Design & Develop engaging eLearning content that runs on a user friendly LMS, while monitizing your knowledge bank. Members learn & earn certifications

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Enables & facilitates sharing, learning & networking through Mentorship, Coaching & Peer2Peer collaboration: Live, online or face2face, one-on-one or in special interest discussion groups

Video: How it helps associations

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A proven process and methodology for your management team, the board & members to creatively solve problems and to innovate. Online tools to optimize your teams ability to innovate and global coaches to help facilitate process.

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These cost effective online platforms enable your members to:

  • learn and enhance their career through Professional Development at their pace from wherever they are

  • access custom classroom, blended & eLearning options to earn Certifications

  • learn how to collaborate do Innovation and solve problems

  • share with peers and learning from others through mentoring

  • access Knowledge bank that grows in value over time

Please discuss the above solution with one of our Connect4 Growth Advisors. Use any mode of  communication listed below.

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