Connect4 Growth matches SMEs & Startups with Best-fit Experts & Solutions to:

  • Achieve your Scale up & Growth Goals

  • Develop your Strategic & innovation Road Map

  • Make decisions based on knowing

  • Get help when your need it

Do you run a:

Our Story

We started connecting training companies with major employers 20 years ago and now we help SMEs and Startups grow/ scale by providing your with best-fit experts, services and softwares.

We are experienced as a matchmaker in the B2B space for business development, technology, marketing and finance thru advice, consulting, training, coaching & Mentoring.

Our Connection Advisory Services, guides you when you want to:

  • Take your business to the next level

  • Improve business processes

  • Increase value of the business

  • Get expert advice to do things correctly

  • Solve business problems & meet new challenges

  • Get financing/access to capital

Connect4 Growth helps SMEs & Startups:

  • Achieve Growth Goals

  • Develop Strategic Road Maps

  • Optimize technology for growth

  • Protect & Secure IT systems & data

  • Assess what is really going on (are your customers & employees engaged?)

  • Establish Talent, Teams and Leadership

  • Connect Founders with experts & solutions to problems

  • Develop Partnerships/Alliances

  • Provide help, when you have no time

  • Source Funds and Resources



Tom Hawkett - Chief Connection Advisor

Connect4 Growth

Clients worked  or working with:
Previous Company:

Hyllo Marketing Analytics Solution - From Clicks to Bricks – You can now measure online-to-offline conversion. This analytics solution for retailers to measure online promotion effectiveness. Answering: Who showed up from our online efforts? For Tourism, Retail & events.


Embedded Sense

IoT and analytics solutions for smart buildings & smart cities, hospitality & retail


Platform to enable & facilitate mentoring & coaching

Future Strategies

Technology to assess all stakeholders vs engagement, value & performance