Talent Development
through Challenging Times

eLearning - Online learning:

Redwood Performance Group produces Award winning custom eLearning & digital solutions for learning, testing & sharing knowledge with staff, members, clients & partners, leveraging off your existing & custom developed content with an easy to use LMS to manage it all.

This company has providing interactive blended eLearning for 20+ years to all types & sizes of organizations.


The MentorCity Platform has been enabling & facilitating mentoring & coaching for many associations, companies and schools for +10  years.

It enables one-on-one & group mentoring, live or online meetings. Its proven to be a great framework and interface participants to develop relationships and achieve their goals. 

Connect4 Growth also uses the MentorCity platform to connect Mentors and Coaches (link to) across the Connect4 Growth network. This  matching program is a great way for you to  connect  with and get to know the experts to start developing meaningful business relationships. 

There will be no subscription fee to participate as a Mentee or Mentor for your 1st 30 days after you create your profile, because of the current business environment. This maybe extended.

Distance Learning or Interactive Group meetings:

Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) is great for training sessions or board/executive meetings that require interaction and collaboration.

ILS Canada provides an online communication solution, which provides the closest substitute to an in-person classroom interactive Learning experience, while expanding geographic reach for participants, travel reducing costs,while eliminating close contact. 


Coaches & Training Experts:

Connect4 Growth (previously Connect4 Training) has a well establish network of subject experts that love to:

  • Coach managers, executives & owners

  • Deliver and facilitate training and learning

  • Design content for courses

To be delivered online and maybe eventually live in person


Please ask us who and/or what firms we recommend, from our 20+ years of experience in the space


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