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Do you need help to prepare your Smart Cities Challenge submission?

The Proposal Preparation and Writing Package

From Funding on Purpose:
      a Connect4 Growth partner 
What can they do for your Smart Cities Team?

Facilitation / Consultation Support Services:

  • Helping your team get to the end goal

  • Designing a dynamic project

  • Completing the application and budget on time

Support services include:

  • Work with Project lead on writing application and developing detailed budget

  • Work with team on editing for final submission

  • Provide professional formatting for the final application and budget

What is included?

  • Project Management - Develop Timeline and Activities – Implementation Plan

  • Set up and track implementation plan - ensure all activities are completed

  • Set up and facilitate 2 -weekly Virtual (Zoom) meetings for team

  • Set up, record and upload weekly zoom meetings for team

  • Work closely with your project lead for all team meetings

Learn how Funding on Purpose can really help you plan & write your funding & budget proposals

               call 1-416-877-2219

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