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Partners & Alliances​

We are open to exploring and getting to know new potential partners to understand their value to our network and clients.

Consultants, Professionals, Coaches, Mentors & Trainers


For over 20 years our founder has been developing relationships and helping experts and firms connect with new opportunities. We continue to develop new relationships with best-in-class Consultants, Professionals (ie. Lawyers, CFAs), Coaches, Mentors and Trainers with proven track records. We help these firms earn new business, as well as, being able to offer clients a wider sellection of valueable business products and services.


Leveraging off of the strength of the Connect4 Growth Alliance Network will help everyone grow their business.

Accounting Firms​

Over the past 5 years, we have developed strong relationships with the most strategic and progressive small & mid-sized public accounting firms by helping them service their clients better and more efficiently.


With these relationships, we can help these firms leverage their expertise and 'most trusted advisor' status to deliver a wider sellection of value addd services to their corporate clients.


Each accountant and their firm have specialities that they are bringing to the Connect4 Growth Alliance Network. We will help everyone grow.

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