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Loss prevention for Leasing companies

Connect4 Growth partner

Hunsen Consulting  is a firm that specializes in loss reduction/ mitigation of non-performing lessee contracts.

They work with you and your lessors to utilize the government programs that give debtors relief.

5 ways Hunsen Consulting helps Leasing companies:

  1. Improves overall portfolio performance

  2. Avoids need to repossess and dispose of equipment

  3. Reduce work load on collections team, or cost of 3rd party collection agencies.

  4. Leasees are better positioned to continue servicing contracts

  5. Enhance partnership between Lessor and Leasee

Hunsen Consulting:

  • Improves the performance of a Leasing company’s portfolio.

  • Provides an alternative approach to reduce losses on non-performing lease contracts

  • Utilizes government stimulus programs designed to preserve jobs


Hunsen Consulting can bring them back to life, so that payments will resume to you

If you have any problem accounts,

dispatch Hunsen Consulting to help your clients, which in turn will help your leasing potfolio.

There is no need to identify clients until you are confident we can help

To learn more, we would like to set up a time to meet or talk via phone with the Managing Partner to fully understand the process.

To arrange a meeting or call, please contact:

Tom Hawkett     Direct 1-416-877-2219

•Anderson Lookkin   Direct 1-416-722-4094

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