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Grow your Startup...Securely

  • Do you have a strategic IT Plan?

  • Do you know how vulnerable your company is to Cyber threats?

  • Are your clients safe and are you in compliance for your industry?   


If you are not confident with the answers, to any of the above, DiscoverNet would like to have an exploratory conversation with your management team.

DiscoverNet helps Startups ramp up thru technology while minimizing Vulnerabilities.


Ideally, we would like to act as Strategic Advisors to your management team on IT related issues. We like to play Defense, to reduce vulnerabilities and be compliant, so that your team can play on Offense and concentrate on building and growing your company. We work to fortify your internal resources.


DiscoverNet helps Startups with:

  • strategic IT advisory and planning services

  • business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Services and planning

  • security planning, audits & monitoring - Vulnerability Risk assessment (at all levels)

  • preparing for and being in compliance

  • additional resources (repair & fix, programming, hosting, etc.) as needed.


Helping Startups with:

  • Customers

  • IP & data worth protecting

  • Investors or in an accelerator program

  • Need for sustainable uninterrupted growth


Services/Resources available:

  • Readiness Review and Assessments

  • CIO Services - Strategic Planning for continuity & growth

  • Board room & Management Advisor

  • Penetration testing

  • Code review

  • Infrastructure-as-a-service & platform-as-a-service

  • Endpoint security

  • CTO services

  • Prepare for Compliance (planning, developing processes and be in compliance)

  • Hosting and backup options as you ramp up

  • Additional resources available when required (programming, technology fix & repair service, project management, etc.)


DiscoverNet will play defenses for you, so that your team can concentrate of building and growing…

Score more GOALS!


We recommend an initial consultation to really understand what stage your Startup is at today, so that we can in turn, recommend a cost-effective plan based on the stage you are at and your growth projections. We can help you ramp up as quickly as you want.


The key, is to have a strategic plan and a secure technology foundation that you can pivot quickly off, as opportunities arise.

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