If you run a

Startup or Scaleup

As we have started, run a company and made payroll, Connect4 Growth sits in a unique position to work with Startup & Scaleup Businesses to connect with best-fit, well qualified experts for business advice, business services, mentoring and software solutions, when you are ready and want to grow your business.

Connect4 Growth & Partners works along side Founders, Senior Management and their accounting firm to develop strategy and connect with Best-fit: 

  • Timely experts and business services (HR, Business Development, marketing, social media, finance, etc.) We have fractional resources for you.

  • Software to raise performance and analytics (HR, CRM, accounting, marketing automation etc.)

  • IT Services, software development, hosting, Security audits, compliance readiness and continuity & disaster avoidance planning

  • Mentors to share expertise and know-how

  • Software planning, development, testing

  • Financing solutions & options

  • Fractional Business Development members to join your team for strategy & making it happen


Contact Connect4 Growth to discuss and explore your options.


T: 416-877-2219